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E-Resources from N-LIST

Cambridge Core (224 tiles with 10 yrs backfiles)
Institute of Physics(46 Journals)
Oxford University Press (206 titles and 10 years backfiles access)
Economic and Political Weekly (1 title and acces form 1966)
Indian Journals (250+ titles and access from 2007)
JSTOR (2500+ titles)
EBSCOHOST(H W Wilson and NetLibrary)(2800+and 936 titles )
Ebrary Ebook (134000+ titles) and MyiLibrary-McGraw Hill-ebooks (1124 titles)
Cambridge Books Online (1800 titles)
Oxford Scholarship-ebooks (1400+ titles)
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID)
Hindustan Books Agency -ebooks (65 titles)
Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books (382+ titles)
Sage Knowledge ebooks (1000 titles)
World ebooks Library (33 lakhs titles)
South Asia Archive
American Institute of Physics(AIP) (18 titles with 10 year back file)
Annual Reviews (33 titles and 10 years rolling backfiles access)
Royal Society of Chemistry (29 titles and 10 years backfiles access)
Springer eBooks (2005-2011) (2300 titles)
Taylor Francis eBooks(1800-titles)
World -ebooks Library 30000000+ titles)